Sign Language Based Dance Synthesis


In recent years, thanks to the development of 3DCG animation editing tools (e.g. MikuMikuDance), a lot of 3D character dance animation movies are created by amateur users. However, it is very difficult to create choreography from scratch without any technical knowledge. Shiratori et al. [2006] produced the dance automatic generation system considering rhythm and intensity of dance motions. However, each segment is selected randomly from database, so the generated dance motion has no linguistic or emotional meanings. Takano et al. [2010] produced a human motion generation system considering motion labels. However, they use simple motion labels like 'running' or 'jump', so they cannot generate motions that express emotions. In reality, professional dancers make choreography based on music features or lyrics in music, and express emotion or how they feel in music. In our work, we aim at generating more emotional dance motion easily. Therefore, we use linguistic information in lyrics, and generate dance motion.



Automatic Dance Generation System Considering Sign Language Information
Wakana Asahina, Naoya Iwamoto, Hubert P.H. Shum and Shigeo Morishima
SIGGRAPH 2016 Poster, Los Angels, 2016.07
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