Choreographic Authoring


We propose a new system for constructing character dance animation by considering animator's preferences. First, a user of the proposed system assigns a preferred motion, obtained through a searching algorithm, to arbitrary part in the music. Then the proposed system automatically assigns motions to the other remaining parts of the music by using motions in a database. By this system, we can create a new dance performance for character animation considering a user's preference.



Authoring System for Choreography Using Dance Motion Retrieval and Synthesis
Ryo Kakitsuka (Waseda University),
Kosetsu Tsukuda (AIST),
Satoru Fukayama (AIST),
Naoya Iwamoto (Waseda University),
Masataka Goto (AIST),
Shigeo Morishima (Waseda University)
CASA 2017, Full Paper, Seoul, South Korea, 2017.5.22-24.
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A choreographic authoring system for character dance animation reflecting a user's preference
Ryo Kakitsuka, Kosetsu Tsukuda, Satoru Fukayama, Naoya iwamoto, Masataka Goto and Shigeo Morishima
SCA '16 Proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation (Poster), Switzerland, 2016.07
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